Magnetic Fake Lashes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, which is why women have been trying to make them pop up all the time. While mascaras have improved in making them thicker and longer, they are still nothing compared to false eyelashes. The only problem is, they are complicated to glue on and just as tricky to remove.

Luckily, innovation never stops. The new hot thing right now, according to Fake It Beauty, is magnetic false eyelashes. As the name implies, they are put in place using magnets. Thanks to this technology, you can easily achieve that full, thick lashes you have always aimed for.

How to Apply Magnetic Fake Lashes

It really doesn’t get much easier than this. In order to use magnetic fake lashes, all you need to do is to place one part above the lash line and one part under. They will pull together and create that effect of having full and thick lashes.

Unlike other types of fake lashes, there is no need to use glue to stick them to real hair. This method is very difficult, time-consuming, and not very friendly to your eyelashes. Whenever you made a mistake with these glue-type lashes, you cannot just easily remove them and try again. The same problem arises at the end of the day. Pulling them out just like that can also kill your real lash hairs.

When it comes to magnetic lashes, you can put them on and remove them as many times as you want without a problem. Moreover, you can use them anytime you want and not have to worry about your real lashes becoming thinner.

Unless you are already an expert in putting on fake eyelashes, you should give yourself time to practice putting them on and off. Moreover, you will need to get used to their weight as well.

Tips on Buying Your Magnetic Lashes

  1. Order the Right Brand and Set

Trying to save money on anything beauty- and cosmetic-related is not a smart move. If you truly want to look good, there is no other way than getting the real products. Only then can you be sure of their quality. While knock-offs or generic versions will always be out there in the market for much less, you will not be sure of how the quality will be.

The right set also depends on your style and occasion. There are bolder versions, which are thicker and perfect for those with very thin or short eyelashes. However, if you want to be a bit more discreet or low-key, then original sets might be more appropriate.

The wonderful thing is that these magnetic lashes come in a case where you can store them after use. These lashes are made to be reusable and the case keeps them safe and fresh at all times.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

It is normal to struggle to put on your magnetic eyelashes the first few times. The product normally comes with instructions, but when you are buying them, you can ask the salesperson to demonstrate it for you to be able to see how it actually should be put on. This is the best way to learn and it is much more effective than trying in front of the mirror for an hour.

Your magnetic fake eyelashes will most likely have instructions included in the packing, but do not be afraid to try out other ways of putting them on. For example, in the box, it says to put on the top lash first but others have found this to be much more complicated. There is also an alternative option, where you can put on the bottom lash and close the eye to keep it steady before putting on the top lash. It is good to try it out on your own and figure out the most comfortable way for you to attach them.

Magnetic fake eyelashes are really a game changer for women who hate gluing on fake eyelashes. Finally, there is a product that is easier to put on and remove without damaging your original lashes. Your dream of having long and full eyelashes are not impossible, and you can put them on anytime you want without any struggle.