Since school is back in session, morning can be really chaotic, and there are times when your hair, make-up, and skin are going to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. It takes time to care for your skin, style your hair, and even apply make-up.

Plus, there is the fact that sometimes we happen to sleep through the alarm, especially if you happen to be up all night. It doesn’t matter what your morning is like, there is plenty to do in order to look your best. Below are 9 tips that you can use to make it easier for you to look like a morning goddess, no matter how much time you have.

1. Use face masks

You can prep the skin by using a super awesome face mask. Doing anything that you are able to do in order to keep skin in the best condition will certainly begin to make things so much simpler when it comes to applying makeup in the morning.

There are plenty of masks that are made for virtually every skin type. Since the formulas happen to be super concentrated, you can use it as an all-in-one that will knock out your morning skincare items. Adding a mask to your routine will be a great way to remove any excess oils and give you a great matte look that will blend great with makeup.

2. Night is the best time to prep your hair for great waves

Get rid of the irons and simply sleep with your hair in four buns. Make two above your ears and two at your neck. This will give you smooth, great beach waves in the morning. If you want smoother strands, then sleep with your damp hair in a nylon stocking. Just comb straight, then twist. Then put your hair in a nylon stocking and then twist it into a bun for smooth hair.

3. Keep your skin moisturized by using a great multi-tasking SPF

The harmful rays of the sun can make hyperpigmentation worse, but it can even cause skincare issues that you want to avoid. It is vital that you make SPF a part of your routine to help stop wrinkles, and even prevent skin cancer and sun damage. Basically, using sunscreen should be used year round. The best way to make it easy to apply is to find one that has other properties such as hydrating and brightening.

4. If you can only pick one beauty product, you should pick a bronzer

Bronzers help to give a nice soft glow on your cheeks and nose. You can apply a bronzer all over your face by using a fluff brush to give you a flush of color, which causes the skin to look more awake than it does. You can even apply a bronzer under your cheekbones to give you some contouring action.

5. Ensure that you have all of the right products for your skin type

It is best to have skincare products for your skin organized and accessible so you can apply everything from your cleansers to acne medication when you are in a rush. The goal of a skincare routine needs to be: cleansing, treatment, then prevention. It is quite possible to do this in 3 steps which takes just a few minutes that can be added into your routine.

6. Try to use your makeup in various ways

Don’t just stick with the thought that makeup can only be used in certain areas. Use makeup in different ways to help cut the morning application time. You can use a matte gloss which is great for the lips but also makes a great cream blush. Just take the gloss on your fingertip and then put it on your cheeks for just a pop of color.

7. Sleep with your hair up

You can keep your curly hair frizz free and looking fresh by moisturizing it at nighttime with a hair oil, then pulling the hair up into a high ponytail. Simply let it down and your curls will be ready to go.

8. Never sleep in makeup

Even though you should use a gentle oil or cleanser at night to take your makeup off, normally people will forget or they just don’t have the energy. Sleeping in your makeup can cause serious breakouts, so if your too tired to wash your face at night, keep face wipes for removing makeup close by.

9. Plan your beauty routine the night before

Just like you lay your clothes out each night, do the same with your beauty routine. This will keep you from wasting time looking for what you need and allow you to care for your skin right, add your makeup and then style your hair efficiently and quickly.

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